James Jewell

Consultant.   Strategist.   Writer.    Campaign director.

Selected Corporate Clients 
ITW ProBrands, ITW Professional Automotive Products, Positronic, Fairrington Transportation, Tyndale House Publishers, Insight Promotions, HOH Water Technology
Selected Nonprofit Clients 
Air Serv International, American Frontiers, American Leprosy Missions, Asbury Theological Seminary, Awana Clubs International, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators (EIIA), B & H Publishers, Holman Christian Standard Version of the Bible launch, Center for Christian Statesmanship, Center for Mission Mobilization, ChildVoice Uganda, Crown Financial Ministries, Evangelical Climate Initiative, Evangelical Covenant Church, Evangelical Environmental Network, Faith2Action, Fuller Center for Housing, LifeQwest Mongolia, MAP International, Mazo Publishers (Israel), Mission to the World (PCA), National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), Nazareth Village Project, One Hope, Shared Hope International, Steve Russo Evangelistic Team, Sunday Adelaja, Toys for Tots Santa’s Traveling Workshop, The Salvation Army, 12 Stone Church (Ga.), Wesleyan Center for Women in Ministry, World Relief